Sipadan-Mabul Technical Diving

At SMART-TEC, we offer various services to Technical Divers diving in the waters and reefs off Mabul and Sipadan.


Using our dedicated Nitrox filling station, six stage filtration system and computerized panel, we can deliver basic Nitrox mixes up to 40%, as well as advanced decompression and rebreather mixes up to 100%. All these are available, to suitably certified divers, in 40cuft (~5.8litre) decompression tanks, 80cuft(~11.4litre) standard singles, or 160cuft (~22.8litre) isolation manifold doubles.

We also offer NAUI and PADI Basic Nitrox / Enriched Air Diver certification courses. Using your existing equipment, we’ll show you how to take advantage and feel the benefits of diving Enriched Air Nitrox mixtures up to 39% Oxygen content, both for safety and to extend your bottom times in these beautiful waters.

Standard Nitrox Tanks (80cuft, 21% -> 39% Oxygen Content) RM35/tank
Standard Decompression Tanks (40cuft, 40% -> 100% Oxygen Content) RM45/tank
Large Decompression Tanks (80cuft, 40% -> 100% Oxygen Content) RM55/tank
Standard Nitrox Isolation Manifold Doubles (160cuft, 21% -> 39% Content) RM65/tank
NAUI or PADI Nitrox course (including 2 standard Nitrox tanks) RM1,040/person
Special Offer: Rent 9 Nitrox Tanks, get 1 free


Book our Cavern Tour and we’ll bring you to safely explore the famous Turtle Cavern on Sipadan Island.

If you’re already a certified Technical Diver, we can arrange for one of our Technical Diving Intructors or Divemasters to be your guide. If you’re either a first-time visitor to Sipadan, or undertake a yearly migration, they’ll show you the untouched and seldom-visited areas that’ll make your dives memorable. You can dedicate your trip to Technical Diving, or fit the dives in with standard dives of the rest of your trip.

Technical Diving Divemaster RM150/dive
Prices exclude cost of Nitrox & Decompression gases, which will be charged at standard rate.


  1. Liability Releases/Waivers, and Medical Forms must be signed before taking part in any Technical Diving programs at SMART.
  2. Please bring along relevant certification cards, if you intend to take part in technical diving programs at SMART.
  3. Prices are subject to change. Please enquire at time of booking for latest information.
  4. Nitrox Tanks and Courses are always available at SMART; but we suggest you let your agent know, when booking, that you will be diving Nitrox.
  5. Prior Notification should be given, if you intend to take a technical diving course during your stay at SMART, so that we can confirm instructor availability, and arrange facilities for you.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.